About Us

Jabatan Infostruktur, Pejabat Pembangunan Infrastruktur dan Infostruktur is the department responsible for providing ICT related infrastructure, services and needs to all UiTM staffs and students. Jabatan Infostruktur is also committed to improving the quality of ICT services by improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the service delivery system, which among its initiatives is through the organization of seminars / conferences at the university level.

Jabatan Infostruktur has previously organized several information technology seminars / conferences aimed at providing continuous exposure and understanding of the importance of technology itself and how information technology can be used effectively to ensure university governance is implemented efficiently and effectively in order to realize UiTM's vision, mission and objectives.

Among the seminars / conferences that have been organized by Jabatan Infostruktur includes :-

  • UiTM in the Next Millennium - Reengineering, Teaching, Learning and Office Automation.
  • The Ideal Learning Environment for the Fourth Wave: Information Technology as a Change Enabler.
  • In Pursuit of The Ideal Learning Environment - A People, Process, Technology Model.
  • ICT Mission in Action: Merging Expectations into Planned Actions.
  • ICT Strategy Towards A World Class University: Delivering Excellence Through Managed Environment.
  • Creative Transformation Through ICT Innovations.
  • ICT Conference - Digital Services Revolution: Stepping into a New Era.
  • ICT Day - ICT Pemacu Transformasi